Project Chrysalis

The first batch of Balashram children completed Class 10 and graduated from the Balashram in 2016. To enable these children to either complete their secondary education (11th and 12th) at other schools or be trained for specific skilled jobs at vocational institutions, a special fund called Project Chrysalis was established through the generous donations of our benefactors.

Project Chrysalis is used for the sole purpose of furthering the education of students from Hariharananda Balashram.  It is our goal that every student completes 12th and goes on to college or a career path that enables them to pursue their dreams.

We will be updating the information soon with success stories of students who graduated from the Balashram and have found jobs through vocational training, are pursuing higher studies or want to come back to the Balashram to teach and give back to the school which was also their home.

“Hope exists in the world for children who have a shelter, food to eat and education. Then the dreams are born.”