Latest Updates on Balashram Posted March 14, 2013 by admin


Student Intake Since April 2011 In Balashram

In May 2011, 40 students were added and in May 2012, 40 students more were added. So total 80 students are added from April 2011 till now . In coming May 2013, 40 more students are going to be added to the Balashram family.


Facilities Added/Upgraded From 2011 Till Now

•    On 2nd April 2012, a sophisticated ultra-modern computer lab was inaugurated. This lab houses 45 computers with latest configuration along with multifunctional device which can print, scan and photocopy.

•    During February 2012 solar heater had installed on the buildings of Boys Hostel and Girls Hostel to provide hot water in cold days.

•    In the month of November 2012 a roti making machine came to the kitchen for providing roti (bread) to the students.

•    In the month of February 2013 three numbers of Teach Next Education-an innovative audio visual learning system as per CBSE curriculum has been installed in the nursery building of the school.

•    Currently the old school pond is under development to use it for swimming purpose for the students. The two sides of the School main gate is under construction.


Total Class Rooms And Grades

The no. of Class rooms is 28 including computer lab and art class room and classes for dance, music and Tabla and rooms used for smart class(digital class). There are 9 grades. Grade 1, 2 and 3 are divided into 2 sections each for proper guidance.