Hurricane Phailin Update from Balashram Posted October 25, 2013 by admin


Before Phailine

1. As we got the information of Phailline we purchased more than 200 litres of diesel for DG so that there will be no problem in giving electric supply at least for pumping out water.We hired a generator for boy’s hostel apprehending that the road to boys hostel may be blocked due to falling of trees.
2. We collected sufficient of food item for 1000 people for 15 days at least as we expected 500 people from the nearby villages.

3. We evacuated the ground floor of every building as we feared the water may come from the sea or the river Brahmani which was flowing at its highest.

4. We kept two dormitories ready for the villagers at the Vocation training centre situated in cowshed campus and informed the villagers to come whenever they like.

5. We arranged separate cooking system in Boys hostel so that the students will not be in trouble.

During Phailine

1. The wind and raining became strong after 6pm dt.12th oct.2013
2. The electric pole to Boys hostel leaned but soon after it was tied to a tree and was saved from falling.

3. The very moment the Phailine hit severely i.e. at 12midnight a female calf was born which we named as Phailine.

4. When the wind grew strong we decided to untie the cows and it so happened that one of the cows fell into the cow dung pool and in utter darkness it was difficult to detect. However she was detected and she was rescued with the effort of 6 people for two hours in strong wind and rain. The health condition of the cow is normal now.

5. There was no substantial damage to the trees in Balashram except one needle tree was uprooted in the roadside of the school building, few banana plants are uprooted in boys hostel campus, two mango trees are in slanting position in front of the school building.

6. 30 people came and stayed in the dormitory of Vocational Training Centre and gradually went back to their home after Phailin.

After all everything is normal now in Balashram.