Its a great pleasure to inform all, that on August 10, 2014, Hariharananda Charitable Health Center, sponsored by Hand in Hand USA, achieved yet another milestone by inaugurating a Pathological laboratory in Jagatpur Cuttack for the outdoor patients of the health centre.

The laboratory became functional from 11th of August.

It is initially planned that tests like stool, urine, DC,TLC, TRBC, TPC, Sickiling, Hb, MP, BT, CT, ESR, ECG, VDRL, Widal, ASO, RF, CRP, Mycodot, Australian Antigen, G-Six-PD, FBS, PPBS, PGBS, Urea, creatine, LFT, Lipid profile, etc will be performed. More tests will be done gradually.