HIH Phailin Relief Effort Posted October 25, 2013 by admin


Cyclone Phailin has resulted in severe flooding in Odisha. The situation is most critical in the district of Balasore because the rivers Budhabalanga and Subarnarekha flooded many villages. The district of Baripada is also facing a crisis due to nearly half of the Baripada towns and villages as well as the ones in the neighboring Mayurbhanj district are submerged in water. There is growing concern about the rivers’ rise in water levels.

To tackle this natural disaster, the state and central government and non-governmental authorities are doing various charitable activities, which include providing food, restoration of electricity and telephones, fresh water supply, rehabilitation, health services, and other emergency measures, with the help of the Natural Disaster Management Group, Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force and state government staff.

In reviewing what is still needed to help the people in Odisha, Prajnana Mission along with Hand in Hand USA has planned to take the following measures as soon as possible:

  1.  Organize a large number of health camps in various flood affected areas. Medical diagnoses and medicine will be provided free of cost.
  2. Organize many veterinary health camps in the flood affected areas. Medical diagnoses and medicine will be provided free of cost along with providing free cattle feed.
  3. Since many big trees were uprooted throughout this area, a massive effort is on to plans to organize tree plantation programs in the affected areas of Balasore, Baripada, and other devastated coastal areas.
  4.  Supply financial assistance and study materials to poor students for their education.
  5. If possible, to provide financial assistance to the Chief Minister Relief Fund.
Relief work has already begun:

October 17 – 100 bags of cow feed were procured for Baripada

–  allopathic medicines and veterinary medicines will be procured from Cuttack

–  cow feed for Balasore will be procured

October 18 – Prajnana Mission is sending some monks and brahmacharis to stay in Baripada and Balasore to help with the relief work. Many kriyavans will also assist.