Donate for Dallas Walkathon

Please use the form below to make a donation for the Dallas Walkathon 2016. Your donations will be tallied against the pledged amounts for each Volunteer so please make sure to choose the correct volunteer for whom you are making the donation.

All donations are tax deductible and receipts will be mailed to the address given in below. All transactions are secure through Paypal and upon filling up of the form below you will be taken to the Paypal site for the actual transaction.

List of Volunteers

Volunteer Name Pledged Amount ($) Collected Amount ($)
Chandra Ramasahayam 1,000 101
Harinatha Murukuti 1,000 400
Kiran Adimatyam 1,000
Kiran Reddy 1,000 211
Manoj Ravuru 1,000 21
Ritu Agrawal 1,000
Siva Agnoor 1,000 1274
Sridhar Nukala 1,000 70









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