Balashram Holiday Fund Drive Posted November 24, 2011 by admin


There is the saying that the best gift you can give somebody is the one that comes out of your love and from your heart. In this holiday season shower a little love of yours on those children of Balashram who are looking up-to you for their better future , a future  that will not only shape their dreams but will also help them become better individuals and help other such less fortunate souls in turn.

Every day, through your generous help and contribution, the Balashram is changing their lives, is enriching their lives, is nurturing their young minds through loving care, housing, clothing, food, healthcare, and education. Every day the Balashram and its loving teachers, staff and volunteers are carefully and painstakingly crafting young minds and filling them with love and joy. Those of our patrons who have visited the Balashram will easily testify to this. Its like a garden where young saplings are being carefully nourished so that they can become strong and branching trees one day and provide shade to others.

All this is made possible by you, our patrons and volunteers and we lack words to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you. We pray for you and your family and let this holiday season bring more joy and laughter for you and all your family.

If you wish to make a pledge this holiday season then kindly visit us here.