About Us

Hand in Hand USA is a US based non-profit humanitarian organization who works with Prajnana Mission and Hand in Hand Europe to support a number of humanitarian projects in rural India and elsewhere in the Globe. Some of the projects that we actively fund and support are:

  • Balashram: A fully functional residential school for extremely poor and impoverished in rural Orissa, India, that provides a serene and healthy environment for the overall development of young minds
  • Health Care: A number of charitable permanent health centers and mobile clinics are operated by HIH USA in rural Orissa and Bengal in India, providing much needed health care to people who can least afford it.
  • Medical Outreach: Heath camps and seminars are routinely organized in far flung centers making people aware of burning health issues
  • Emergency relief: Reach out during natural catastrophes and provide emergency relief in the form of food, medical support and money in different regions across the globe

Today our health and educational projects benefit countless poor in the far flung regions of India and we are slowly spreading our activities with your generous support to create further amenities for better serving the poor and the underprivileged of this world. Hand in Hand USA is also Federal Tax exempt 501 (c)(3) organization under IRS regulation.